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Welcome to My Home (page)

'"Words float on the air like pollen. They'll meet a bee and make honey, or a nose and make mischief. It all depends on where they land." Debbie Ouellet

I'd like to welcome you to my homepage the same way I'd welcome you into my home. Come in. Get comfortable. Browse through the articles, news, stories, and poetry. We can chat about what's being published and where I'll be performing live readings.

Through the mesmerizing magic of words, I'll tell you what I think or how I feel about current events, the literary and business worlds, or life in general.

You can read more about me in my Biography and Favourite Books pages. 

If you'd like to contact me about some work-for-hire, find out more information about upcoming books and events, or just talk writing, email me at I'd be happy to hear from you.

I believe that boxes are meant to shut things away in. Like my tastes, you'll find my writing genres are eclectic.

  • Business Writing: With over 20 years' senior management experience in the service industry, most recently as Vice President, Operations of a mid-sized Facilities Management Company, I've extensive experience writing business proposals, writing process and policy documents, articles and the like. I enjoy the buzz of putting together a good sales pitch and helping business owners create great targeted documents. You can visit my consulting business website for more information at


  • Articles About Writing: I've published articles about the writing experience in The Writer's Journal and Once Upon a Time. Within the pages of this site, I'll share with you some of the techniques and lessons I've learned along the way.  Some commonly asked questions and how I've answered them are posted in Writing Q&As.


  • Poetry: Winner of the City of Vaughan's 2012 Rave Award for Educator/Mentor in the Literary Arts, my poetry has been published in Seek It-Writers and Artists Do Sleep, Crave It-Writers Do Food, The Writers' Journal, Poetry Canada, Asimov's, Inscribed, Stimulus-Respond, The Feathertale Review, Tickled by Thunder, NoD Magazine, The Winter Poetry Anthology, and various other anthologies. As the current chair of the Vaughan Poets' Circle, I enjoy performing live poetry readings in the Greater Toronto Area.


  • Children's Poetry: For the young and young at heart, visit my Children's Poetry page for some frolic and fancy, rhythm and rhyme.


Vaughan Poets' Circle 

Whether you're an aspiring or a veteran poet living in the Toronto area, check out the Vaughan Poets' Circle page for news about our monthly meetings, to schedule live readings, upcoming anthologies and poetry news in general.